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A wealthy couple hire a young girl from Finland to take care of their newborn. These new parents should be in a state of bliss, so why does it seem like they are trying to kill each other? This is Brian Reynolds’s suspenseful, entertaining psychological thriller The Nanny.

When a young person loses both their parents in a mugging gone wrong, a famous billionaire arrives to help them at the beginning of their journey.


Awards / Selections:

Selection - The IndieFEST Film Awards

Selection - Accolade Global Film Competition

Selection - Montreal Independent Film Festival

Nominee - Phoenix Shorts Film Festival

Semi Finalist - San Francisco Indie Short Festival

Semi Finalist - Venice Shorts Film Festival

Finalist - Tokyo International Short Film Festival

Award Winner - Roma Short Film Festival

Award Winner - Vancouver Independent Film Festival

A top-notch studio executive finds himself trapped on an elevator with an overly enthusiastic screenwriter.

Elevator Pitch

SHORT FILM  |  2018

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