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Morgan MacDouglas

CEO | Producer

Morgan MacDouglas is Tubeman’s Chief Executive Officer and Resident Badass. She began her production career as an event planner in St. Louis, quickly working her way onto the Washington, DC presidential circuit to run hundreds of events, including inaugurations, seamlessly.

With a fourth-degree black belt in Japanese Jiu Jitsu and a Theatrical Firearms License, her more complicated weapons productions have all gone off without a hitch. Recently, she served as Arms Master for Sins by William Thompson, earning a nomination for Best Immersive Show at Hollywood Fringe Festival. With The Nanny set to enter the festival circuit this fall, Morgan is headed for her next success on the big screen.

Contact Morgan MacDouglas at to get in touch about production opportunities and Tubeman Entertainment properties.

Samantha MacDouglas

Writer | CFO

Samantha MacDouglas (aka Dragon) fell in love with stories and storytelling at a young age. She consumed books (particularly fantasy and sci-fi) as soon as she could read. The Young Author program lured her in and she began writing novels of her own before she was a teenager. In 1998, she moved with Brian and Morgan out to Los Angeles to make movies. Along the way, she discovered bridge teaching and ended up being in a documentary about bridge: The Kid’s Table. Out of this wonderful experience, Dragon, Brian and Morgan built a website dedicated to teaching people bridge. Samantha has written several bridge books, a paranormal romance, and several fantasy books. Fantasy remains one of her true loves and dragons one of her favorite mythical creatures. She shares a few traits with the fantastical beasts and thus earned the nickname.

Brian Reynolds

Architect | Writer | Director

Brian is in the process of strip-mining his life history for narrative content and is eternally gratefully for an eventful childhood. As a result, his work blurs the line between thriller and comedy. His recently completed feature film The Nanny is a psychological thriller about a young woman from Finland and her increasingly disturbing experience at a wealthy couple’s summer home.

Brian began his narrative career in theater, including a tell-all play called Mono/Poly about his life in a polyamorous triad. Mono/Poly had a sold-out 3 day run upon first production and is currently being adapted into a screenplay. His short film, Origin of a Hero, was an award-winner at Vancouver Independent Film Festival and Roma Short Film Festival.

With a focus on a collaborative and supportive working environment, Brian prides himself on completing projects on-time and on-budget. He has five feature-length completed scripts ready for further development spanning multiple genres.

Brian lives at an undisclosed location with an inordinate number of dogs and wives.


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